Skyvrit Academy was founded in 2013 in order to help people all over the world to learn and study Hebrew online. With the Skyvrit Academy website, learning and Practicing Hebrew is now easy and fun. You can access Hebrew course materials/Hebrew Interactive lessons, read Hebrew material and listen to Hebrew stories.  YOU CAN EVEN READ and  LISTEN to an audio newspaper in Hebrew at no cost to you and work at your own pace! 


Skyvrit Academy was created to give students a variety of choices to learn Hebrew online, starting from Books to interactive courses,Audio-Books , quizzes and much much more…Just choose! 






Interactive Lessons

 The Skyvrit Academy knows that learning a new language is not an easy thing to do, especially for those who choose to learn it on their own. One of the many difficulties is finding the time. Nowadays, people are very busy with work, school, and many other things.

 Skyvrit Academy’s Hebrew courses are practical, high quality, and—most importantly—short.

Each lesson will take you up to 25 minutes to complete, meaning that you can take it whenever you are free and have a short break during your busy day!

All you have to do is simply choose your desired lesson, and you’re ready to go!



Private Courses

 From 2-month Hebrew courses taught three days a week at an hour per lesson (one-on-one or bring one friend), to private Hebrew lessons you can schedule any time at an hour each, to special classes focusing on different areas, we have the perfect language learning solution for you–all courses, Hebrew lessons, and classes are designed to fit YOUR specific needs and goals.



Online Hebrew Library

Skyvrit Academy has also an online Hebrew learning library- “Hebrew2Go” , contains variety of – Books, Audio books, children’s books, articles and a full practice section ALL IN HEBREW, so you’ll be able to practice your Hebrew online anytime! Just choose you desired product (Hebrew Books, Hebrew audio book, Hebrew practice Hebrew lessons etc) and you are ready to go!




EFFICIENT:  Practice Hebrew daily! exclusive Books, audio books and a full practice section, all waiting for you start learning new words and build your vocabulary, slowly . As part of our courses  we teach with Google Drive, so you can use your file as a progress notebook.






COMFORTABLE:  Learn a new language from the comfort of your own home using Skype.  Phone sessions also available at an additional $10. Our big online library is ready for you to login and start using it right away!  Choose your desired product and start building your own lessons!



AFFORDABLE:  Low prices without compromising on quality, practice Hebrew daily with an interactive library.



Please note:  All material is presented using Google Drive, hence  you must have a Gmail account to attend courses, lessons or classes.  Please email us if you need help setting one up.

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